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From "A Hawick Word Book" by Douglas Scott

Melrose (mel-r¯oz) n. town built at the foot of the Eildons in the Tweed valley, birthplace of rugby sevens. St. Aidan founded a monastery here in the 7th century, being succeeded by St. Boswell and St. Cuthbert, with the present abbey founded around 1136. The town became a Burgh of Barony in 1609. The 15th century Commendator’s House, repaired 1645 Market Cross, and Priorwood Gardens are other attractions. At one time called Fordel, it was well known for producing linens until the late 18th century, and also known as the former home of ‘Coltart’s Candy’. Melrose was a station on the Waverley Line, but is now primarily a residential and retirement community. Considered ‘posh’ by other Borderers, it is rarely the best-loved among the other towns – ‘The dastards of Melrose and Galashiels weavers! They pulled out our badge, and became our deceivers’ [JH]. 

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