St Boswells
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From "Hawick Word Book" by Douglas Scott

Bosells (boz-ulz) n. St. Boswells, adjacent to Newton St. Boswells, is an old village with a treelined village green, probably Scotland’s largest at about 40 acres. It was also a station on the Waverley Line. The village is known for its large livestock fair and for holding the Buccleuch Hunt. It contains Lessuden House (the family house of the Scotts of Raeburn), the 1908 Scots baronial Braeheads House, and Dryburgh Abbey is nearby. The name may be derived from St. Bosiel, and the village is also known as Lessuden – ‘As we gaed oot frae Bosells Tae climm the Bowden brae . . . ’ [WL] (the name derives from a mediæval chapel dedicated to St. Boisel, recorded at least as early as 1551).

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