Welcome to Border Archaeology

This website started as a place to catalogue aerial photographs taken from my microlight and now from a drone. My thanks to Walter Elliot for explaining the archaeology on the aerial photographs and providing suggestions for sites to photograph. Walter has also managed to pass on to me his enthusiasm for archaeology. Some of Walter's many articles on local history and archaeology are in the Walter's Articles page.

The Search page can be used to find places by name, River, Language, Linear Feature or Period.

The Map Search page can be used to find a place by location.

The search box at the top at the page a can also be used to find a particular place of interest.

If you plan to visit any of the locations of the aerial photographs please check the Visiting Sites page.

Unless otherwise indicated the aerial photographs were taken by Border Archaeology, and can be downloaded and used under a creative commons license.

Border Archaeology Objectives

I hope that this website will grow into a basis for discussion and repository of information on the Archaeology of the Scottish Borders and it need not be limited to a discussion of aerial photographs.