Lyne Fort

Lyne Fort

Lyne Fort

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Two Wooden Towers and a Palisaded Settlement at Lyne Farm, Peeblesshire.

While investigating the series of Roman temporary camp at Lyne Farm, Peeblesshire, I took time to look at a prominent bump in the landscape which had intrigued me for years. This had showed up as a neat circle on air photographs which had been taken by Richard Strathie while we were investigating the large number of 1st century finds that were emerging from flat fields below the Fort at Easter Happrew.

  1. At NT 19642 40709, I found a circular post-wall palisade about 20m across with a gateway opening to the east. Inside this was another circular post-wall 6m in diameter with a 1m opening to the east. This stood proud about a metre above the surrounding ground.
  2. On the mound to the west of this and across the farm road, a post-wall enclosed about an acre of ground. This was found to contain a number of rectangular buildings, usually around 6/7 m by 3.5/4 m. There was a circular post-wall 4 m across at the gateway to the settlement.
  3. About 80m to the north at NT 19687 40832, was another with similar measurements but this also had a further enclosure on the north side. Inside was another post wall, 6m in diameter. This was not quite as visible because farm rubbish and waste had been burned there – this had encouraged a strong growth of thistles and nettles.

My deduction is that this has to be a Norman settlement with two mottes which may not be contemporary. Without space around the motte to accommodate the followers, a separate settlement with its own post-wall was built for housing them.

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