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From "Sekirkshire" by Walter Elliot

The road descends to cross Kale Water at Pennymuir, where four temporary camps are largely visible. Divining rods suggest that there were a series of barrack buildings c 25m by 8m in the northern end of the largest camps. This may be a semi-permanent training camp or the quarters for a repair/escort detachment of troops.

From "A Hawick Word Book" by Douglas Scott

Pennymuir (pe-nee-mewr) n. site of Roman marching camps on Dere Street, just a few miles from the Border, near the head of the Kale Water, about 15 miles east of Hawick. Dere Street can be followed from there to Whitton Edge (the origin of the name is probably Old Welsh ‘pen y muir’, meaning ‘the hill of the wall’; the name occurs at least as early as 1637, and is often written ‘Pennymoor’).

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