From "The Devil's Causeway. The Continuation in Berwickshire" by Walter Elliot

In the 80kms of the Causeway there are only two acknowledged forts/fortlets (and another doubtful), but it seemed be highly unlikely that there were no other settlements or fortifications along this length, so I set out to see what I could find along the verges of the road.

I decided to start at Lowick which has a well-defined section of road passing through the township and work my way north with divining rods. Just outside the housing, I found a fortlet at 01452 39837 which was approximately 18m by 18m with an annexe containing a bathhouse and latrine.

About 600m north along the road line, there was a similar one at 01231 40552 and a further 600m along the Roman road-line at 01154 41236, another of the same.

The next two fields were in uncut crop but where Roman road crosses the modern road into Berrington Farm, there was another, 18m square with annexe containing bathhouse and latrine and a watch tower about 150m uphill. This is at 01193 42820.

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