Burgh Hill

Burgh Hill

Burgh Hill

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Burgh Hill (bu-ru-hil) n. hill rising to 314 m (1,003 ft) near Dod farm, site of a stone circle, as well as a hill-fort with a large standing stone in its interior, other earthworks on the eastern side by the road and an extensive settlement on its southern slopes by the Allan Water. The fort is situated on the south-west summit; it measures about 100 m by 30 m, and has 2 massive stony ramparts, with quarries and ditches. The standing stone does not appear to be related to the hill-fort, although it is inside it. A smaller settlement occupies the north-east half of the hill-fort’s interior, containing a hut-circle and 2 other possible hut platforms. The stone circle is located on a shelf near the summit, and is egg-shaped. It has about 25 stones, with 13 still standing, in a ring measuring 16.5 × 13.4 m. One stone stood at least 1.5 m tall. The settlement to the east lies on the opposite side of the road from Dodburn Filter Cottage, straddling an unnamed sike. It extends about 140 m by 110 m and is a complex collection of enclosures, banks, ditches and mounds. Excavations in the early 1980s turned up numerous objects showing occupation from Iron Age to the post-mediæval period, and foundations were found for several round-houses, with multiple rebuilding phases. The settlement complex to the south lies on the east bank of the Allan Water, and covers about 120 m by 105 m, defined by 2 banks and a ditch, best preserved on the north-west side. An oval enclosure inside suggests multiple phases of occupation, but it is hard to make out details because of agricultural development, erosion from the river and the now marshy ground. A drainage ditch cut in 1985 resulted in an archaeological excavation (note the area is also known as ‘Brugh’ and pronounced bruf ).

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