Chester Knowe

Chester Knowe

Chester Knowe

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Chester Knowe (ches-tur-now) n. small hill just to the north-east of Southfield, which was once near the edge of the old Common boundary and reaches a height of 826 feet. It contains the remains of three enclosures, a fort and another earthwork, partly obliterated by small quarries. The fort measured about 300 ft by 170 ft and had 2 sets of ramparts. The (presumably) later earthwork at the north-east of the ridge is about 220 ft by 125 ft. An enclosure lies within the boundaries of the fort, another to the south, a fifth structure overlies the south-west end of the fort, and there are fragments of other banks on the site also. This suggests occupation over an extended period. There is another probable fort less than a kilometre to the north-west, near Newbigging (the name, like other occurences of ‘Chester’ suggests a fort).

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